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How To Start A Business With No Money

This Question Is A Trap To Avoid

There are very few barriers to starting a business. It costs next to nothing to register a company name and secure a website address. Boom, you’re in business, and you’ve spent very little money. Now what? The problem is not, how to start a business with no money. The question is, what business is worthy of your blood, sweat and tears for the next five years or more?

What Does Starting A Business With No Money Mean?

Starting a business with no money means something different for everyone. No money often translates into discretionary funds. It’s money you can invest without taking out a loan, tapping into your line of credit or credit card.

No money might mean you plan to invest other people’s money rather than your own.

No money is tens of thousands for some people, and for others, it literally means no money.

What do you mean when you say no money?

No Money Businesses Are A Myth

Starting a business with no money means you plan to invest more time in your business than money. But since time equals money, you’re still spending money.

Investing your time in business setup and operation means you’re giving up money you would have made working on paying activities elsewhere. There is always a cost.

It’s easy to convince yourself that your time is not as valuable as real money. This self-deception makes it easier to rationalize your huge personal investment.

Every start-up entrepreneur sinks thousands of hours into their new venture hoping the payoff will somehow justify the sacrifice. Most people invest many thousands of real dollars as well. Sadly, the vast majority of these businesses fail in their first year or two.

It’s A Sobering Statistic

Despite all the time and money invested, most businesses fail. Even worse, many invest years into building a company that has no hope of ever being profitable enough to compensate for the up-front investment.

These zombie businesses are just successful enough not to die. They linger and survive, but they never thrive.

These undead businesses rob you of your time, health, relationships and more. And they keep you from investing in other ventures more worthy of your time and commitment.

Just like movie zombies, these ventures are incredibly difficult to kill. Why? Because of the herculean effort you invested. It leads to attachment. It’s your baby. Plus, you feel compelled to recoup your investment, justify your effort and save face.

Maybe rather than looking for a business to start with no money, there are better and more useful questions to ask?

Alternative Questions To Consider

Half the battle in any inquiry is asking the right questions. Some alternate questions to consider include:

Is this a business where:

  • I don’t have to invent anything
  • there’s significant demand for the offering
  • there’s limited competition
  • there’s potential to grow and scale
  • it’s a good fit for me and my personal goals
  • costs are low, and margins are high
  • the business is easy to explain, refer to others and sell
  • I’m passionate about the business purpose and will stay fully engaged for years

Or is this a side-hustle:

  • with low up-front costs
  • where I can keep my day job
  • where I can make enough money to make it worth my time
  • where I already have the skills and equipment
  • where there’s pent-up demand for the offering
  • with limited certification, regulatory or insurance requirements

In both scenarios, you’re looking to be as purposeful. strategic, and selective as you can.

Critical Self-direction Questions

Perhaps more important than selecting a business is getting clear on your reasons and objectives for starting a business. Without first being clear on why, it’s nearly impossible to make a good choice.

Without knowing your reasons and objectives, you’re likely to get into a business that sparks a passing interest rather than one that makes good financial sense.

Clarifying questions to consider:

  • Why do I want to start a business?
  • Do I want staff, or is this more about lifestyle and self-employment?
  • Do I have the communication skills to direct and manage others?
  • Am I looking for time flexibility?
  • Am I okay with working behind a desk, or do I need to be outside?
  • Do I want to work from home, a physical location or on-site with customers?
  • What businesses do I already understand and have experience in?
  • Is my partner on board for this marathon rollercoaster ride?
  • How much money do I need each month to live?
  • How much financial risk am I willing to take on?
  • How much money can I invest?
  • How much time can I commit to this venture each week?
  • Can I keep my day job until this business cash flows?
  • What skills will I need to develop, and am I willing to learn?

That’s A lot Of Questions

Yes, it is. And there are many more questions like these to consider. These are just the preliminary scoping questions. If you don’t like disciplined and critical thinking, business ownership might not be right for you. That’s okay too.

Why Answer All These Questions?

It’s vital to answer all these questions carefully because you have so much at stake.

People often worry about the cost of getting into a business. They may not appreciate the ongoing expense of being in a business or the cost of getting out of a business.

Starting and running a business is much more demanding and time-consuming than people realize. If you’re going to be a business owner, you need to go into it with your eyes open and a solid dose of reality.

The reality is your odds of failing and losing your investment are much higher than your odds of success.

What’s On Today’s Low-Cost Business Menu?

Let’s get back to your original question. “How Do You Start A Business With No Money?” There’s no shortage of articles offering lists of business ideas you can start for almost nothing. There are links at the end of this article we hope you’ll find useful. It can be interesting and thought-provoking to see and consider so many different business ideas.

And if you’ve already asked yourself a bunch of qualifying questions, a list of business ideas can be quite helpful. You can scan these lists for suitable options you might have never considered. You can shortlist these options and test their fit against your selection criteria.

Which Businesses Have the Lowest Start-up Costs?

If you’re really tight on funds, a service business is usually the least costly option.

What’s A Service Business?

A service business, in simplest terms, involves someone helping someone else get something done.

Obvious right? There are thousands of different types of service businesses to consider, categorized into five broad groupings.

Service Business Categories

  • Unskilled Labour
  • Personal Services
  • Skilled Trade
  • Professional Services
  • Unregulated Services

Unskilled Labour Services

Unskilled Labour Services include businesses such as junk removal, litter cleanup, grounds maintenance and different types of cleaning services. It’s not that there is no skill or care involved, it means you don’t need a diploma, degree, or certification to offer the service.

These businesses rely on your communication skills, workmanship and whether you are trustworthy. These are great businesses for physical people who loath the idea of working a desk job.

Being social or anti-social doesn’t impact these businesses. Often the so-called unemployable people find a home here since they can set their own rules and timetables.

These are often the simplest and easiest businesses to start with almost no money.

These types of companies may not be as glamourous or as high-tech as other businesses, but that does not mean they are not worthy of consideration. These businesses are often overlooked and, as a result, may have fewer competitors.

If you truly have no money and want to get into business for yourself, then look very closely at this business category.

The website you’re on now is such a business. We invite you to look at how our company works if you fit this category.

Personal Service Businesses

Personal Service Businesses serve people’s individual needs, but they require vocational training.

Hairdressing or fitness instruction are examples of personal services. The benefit of personal service businesses is their nearly universal appeal. Realtors fall into this category, as do wedding planners, personal organizers, house sitters, and many others.

Skilled Trade Businesses

These businesses require a trade school education, apprenticeships, and several industry certifications. Skilled trade businesses commonly include electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tile setters, gas fitters, welders, mechanics, truckers etc.

If you have a skilled trade, this may be the business category to consider.

Professional Service Businesses

These businesses are for people with advanced degrees, board certifications and years of experience. The most common examples include accountants, engineers, architects, dentists, chiropractors, and doctors.

As with skilled trades, if you have a professional designation, your business of choice may be obvious.

Unregulated Service Businesses

Unregulated service is the catch-all category for the remaining service businesses. Several new business models get lumped here. Many internet-related service businesses such as graphics design, social media, SEO consultants and content creators fall into this category.

Why Write This Article?

We prepared this article because we get asked the, how to start a business with no money question a lot.

We started our business over 40 years ago with almost no money.

We started our business part-time, at night, until it grew enough to operate full-time. People call these part-time businesses side-hustles today, but 40 years ago, they called it moonlighting.

We spent years growing our side-hustle, then business into a $600,000 per year operation.

While we’ll never compete with Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos in the race to the stars, we’ve been successful.

We’ve been our own boss for over 40 years. We’ve travelled and financed our kids’ university educations, and we’ve not wanted for anything. We’ve been where you are now, and we know what the path you’re on looks like.

After 40 plus years in the litter cleanup business, we’re approaching retirement and would like to help others experience the success we have.

We’re not selling a franchise or pitching some expensive training program. We’ve created a training manual for motivated, ambitious, and hard-working people who want more control over their lives.

What we’re offering is a book that details how our business works. We also offer free coaching and mentorship from our founder to help you do what he did.

What he did was create a great life with a very simple business idea he started with almost no money.

If you’re interested, you’re one click away from discovering America’s simplest business. We hope you’ll take a minute to learn more.

Are You A Fit For This Business?

You might be if:

  • you live in or near a city of at least 30,000 people
  • you prefer to work outside, on-location at a customer’s business
  • you’re physically fit and enjoy walking
  • you can lift 10 to 30 lbs a few times per day
  • you’re diligent and willing to speak to property managers to sell your services
  • you have a reliable vehicle and a cell phone
  • you’re willing to show up consistently and pay attention to details
  • you can invest about $200 in learning and equipment

If this is you, we hope you’ll consider our low start-up cost business idea.

Either way, please invest the time and answer all the questions posed. The time you spend up-front researching and getting clear on what’s right for you is the most important step you can take.

We wish you well in your path to successful business ownership. It was the best decision we ever made. We hope you have a similar experience.

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If you have a favourite article you would like to see in this list; please share it with me and I’ll add it to the list.

Did You Have a Side Hustle When You Were a Kid?

From a young age, I was always intrigued with the possibilities for making my own income. I was about 6 when I gathered up some of my brother’s toys, cleaned them up and sold them to other kids in our neighborhood. My brothers were not happy!

Fast forward a few years and I was able to see firsthand how a side hustle could be successful. My father, a janitor for the Public Board of Education picked up jobs on the side to help supplement our family’s income. Sometimes he even let me tag along as a “little helper.”  My business, Cleanlots, was inspired by a simple side hustle that my father used to perform cleaning up litter at a nearby shopping plaza. I remember thinking how easy it was. We would venture out in the early morning hours, then walk around the property cleaning up litter to ensure that when the stores opened, customers would find a clean, litter-free environment.

It’s fun to look back at my journey from a young boy. I had an inherent entrepreneurial spirit, but that was also reinforced by my parent’s words, thoughts and actions.  If you have young children, are you encouraging them to be the entrepreneurs of the future?

Even now, after running my side hustle for more than 35 years I can draw inspiration from children. I recently discovered this story on business powerhouses who weren’t even old enough to drive before they launched successful small businesses. From candy inventors to equipment manufacturers, to businesses built on social entrepreneurship, these kids have no lack of wisdom – even in their young age.

Did you have a lemonade stand, cut grass or pet sit for money while growing up? I’d love to know more about your personal story. Leave a reply in the comments below!

7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Mentor—And How to Land One

One way to get strategic with your business trajectory is to land a trusted adviser in the form of a mentor. Mentoring can take many forms, such as a one-on-one relationship or a mentoring circle within an organization. The best mentor-mentee relationships involve two-way learning and reciprocation.

Mentors help professionals feel more engaged, derive more meaning from their careers, and grow their businesses. According to the Small Business Administration, small business owners who receive three or more hours of mentoring report higher revenues and increased growth.

Need more of a push? Here are seven reasons why you need a mentor this year:

1. A good mentor will help you identify blind spots

Blind spots are a funny thing because they exist for everyone—even the most successful leader. But when blind spots are our own, we are oblivious to them. While you yourself may not easily recognize where your weaknesses lie, a mentor can help you improve self-awareness. Think of this aspect of mentoring as a healthy reality check.

2. Give you access to a sphere of influence

mentor can offer a large network of connections that you might not otherwise have had access to. Would your business benefit from introductions to more distributors, potential customers, or new vendors? Your sphere of influence facilitates these key interconnections.

How many small business resources can you name that cost $0? Not that many. And you can’t put a price on a mentorship, except for time spent. Both parties should agree to meeting parameters, times, dates, and agenda items so you can meet as efficiently as possible. When you enter a mentor-mentee relationship in an organized way, it will be time well spent for both parties.

4. Cheer you on through ups and downs

We could all use a cheerleader in our corner, especially when it comes to the trials and tribulations of running a successful small business. When you are paired with the right mentor, they genuinely want you to succeed. Your mentor will encourage you during your lows and be one of the first to celebrate your highs.

5. Challenge you in positive ways

Short-term and long-term goals aside, a great mentor will also challenge you to think outside the box. In an article in Inc., John Brandon explains one of his own techniques for mentoring: “One strategy I’ve used with those I’m mentoring is to assign a fairly difficult task to complete—something that will require my involvement. I don’t see mentoring as just a weekly chat. It’s an ongoing relationship and one that should always be moving toward a specific goal. It has to be intentional and specific, not vague and by the seat of your pants. Keep track of the task together and use it as a teaching aid.”

6. Share what they’ve learned from their own experience

Learning from others’ mistakes can be priceless. Who wouldn’t want to shorten the learning curve when it comes to building your small business? In most scenarios, a mentor is older, wiser, with years more business experience. With that experience comes tales of far reaching success, and also brutal failures. Honest, vulnerable conversations with your mentor will help shape your future business decisions.

7. Help you overcome your complacency

Have you ever felt stagnant in your business? A good mentor will help you establish realistic goals, hold you accountable to the tasks that help you achieve those goals, and push you when you feel like giving up.

How to find a business mentor

Once you have decided that you would like to have a mentor, how do you go about locating the right one for you?

Look at your current network. Is there another small business owner whose company’s growth is something you’d like to emulate within your own business? Take stock of your LinkedIn connections to see who is open to mentor-mentee opportunities.

Check for local SCORE opportunities. SCORE was founded in 1964 as a nonprofit resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The SCORE network includes 10,000+ expert volunteers offering business mentoring and workshops at 300 SCORE offices across the country. Visit the SCORE website to find the closest local office; your local SCORE chapter will help pair you with a suitable mentor.

Investigate contacts within your specific industry. You might think this suggestion is counterintuitive for competitive reasons. However, seasoned professionals who are passionate about their field often offer mentorship services to other small business owners in their own industry.

Finding someone you admire should be a top priority. Make a short list of potential candidates and see where your personalities align. You can feel them out by having informal meetings where you discuss your goals and trajectory before officially asking them to be your mentor.

When asking a person to become your mentor, you want to be direct. Try something like, “I can see you’re a great team leader and I’m managing a team for the first time. Would you be able to work with me over the next year to become a great team leader?”

Once you have committed to the process, good luck. And if years from now you find yourself being asked by someone to be their mentor, draw on this experience and pay it forward!

40 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Extra Money on the Side

40 Side Hustle Ideas

Are you looking for side hustle ideas as a means to make extra money to boost your income, pay off debt or to work for yourself? A side hustle is a great way to generate a second income while keeping your current job.

To make extra money, people often look to part-time employment, some start a business as a side gig, while others consider options like driving for Uber.

The key to finding the right hustle from many side hustle ideas is to combine an activity you enjoy, that fits your schedule, skills and financial goals, with a way to make extra money in your spare time.

If you need a little extra income each month but don’t know where to start, I’ve compiled a list of simple low-cost side hustle ideas to get you started. I’ve focused on options with relatively low entry barriers, minimal special skills, low start-up costs and flexibility to work at them part-time. They’re just ideas. If one or more spark some inspiration, you’ll have to do the research to turn the idea into a profitable side hustle.

My 40 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money

1. Parking Lot Litter Removal

Every business wants to keep their property clear of litter. This means you can make money going for a walk! You simply walk the exterior property of any retail, office or industrial property and sweep litter into your litter collection bag. When your bag is full, the contents can be emptied into the onsite waste dumpster. Almost any commercial property with a parking lot is a potential job site. The work is done at night or early morning, on foot, using inexpensive hand tools and can earn you $30 – $50 per hour.

I made so much money in this side hustle, I quit my full-time job after only 3 months. It’s been my business since 1981.

See for details.

2. Ghostwriting

There’s a huge demand for content and a lot of ways to make money writing it. Check out one of several ghostwriting platforms like Scripted, TextBroker or The Content Authority.

3. Drive for Uber or Lyft

This is one of the more popular side hustles. Driving for one of the app-centric taxi alternatives can be a great way to make money nights and weekends. It provides an opportunity to work when you want.

4. Tutoring

What subjects are you knowledgeable about? Parents will pay good money to assist their child’s education. Tutor students in person or online. Check out Eduboard or WyzAnt.

5. Consulting/Coaching

In what field are you an expert that others would pay for your advice? You can get started quickly with platforms like and make great money on the side.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative support to clients from their home-based office. Find gigs on FiverrIndeed and Upwork. Or hook up with an established VA company like BELAY or Fancy Hands.

7. Daycare

Do you love kids and have a lot of patience? Consider starting a day-home. Offer meals/snacks, activities and of course, supervision. Working parents in your neighborhood are looking for you. Check out

8. Handyman Service

There are lots of people who are willing to pay someone with skills to do odd jobs around the house. See Angie’s list, Craigslist or Task Rabbit.

9. Voice-Over Talent

If you have a good speaking voice, you can get voice-over work on sites like Freelancer, People Per Hour and Upwork.

10. Lawn Care

Plenty of people would gladly pay you to cut their grass. Offer a discount if they provide the mower and trimmer.

11. Photography

You can earn a residual income from selling your photos online over and over again. Check out iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, Bigstockphoto or Fotolia.

12. House Cleaning

Make great money cleaning for people who are too busy to do it themselves or hate cleaning. Use their cleaning supplies. Cleaning businesses are super side hustle ideas since they can cost so little to start and be turned into very profitable enterprises. Search your area in Craigslist.

13. Ecommerce/Dropshipping

Sell products online without actually stocking the items themselves. Operate your business from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection. Check out Amazon, eBay or Shopify.

14. Selling on Etsy

Etsy is the world’s largest marketplace for hand-crafted goods. Whether you make craft items, jewelry or small pieces of furniture, you can open up your own store at Etsy.

15. Selling on Zazzle

Sell your artwork or craft items for profit on Zazzle.

16. Dog Waste Removal

Some people love their dog but not the “gifts” they receive from their pet. Make money doing what others won’t do.

17. Babysit

If you have some experience caring for children, you can watch other people’s kids so parents can have a date night. Connect with to become a certified and recommended babysitter in your area.

18. Dog Walker

Dogs need exercise, but their owners aren’t always able or motivated to take them for a walk. Check out the app, Wag, that links up dog walkers and dog owners.

19. Truck for Hire

If you own a truck, offer to pick up various goods for people, haul junk to the dump or assist with small moves. Post flyers in your community or advertise in Craigslist.

20. Rent Your Car

You can rent out your car on a daily or hourly basis through companies like GetAround and Turo. They handle the insurance.

21. House Sitter

You can make a house appear to be occupied for homeowners who are away.

22. Errand Service

Assist people with various errands and tasks. Check out Task Rabbit or the apps, Gig Walk or EasyShift.

23. Gardener

Specialize in planting and maintaining flower or vegetable gardens for people who don’t have “green thumbs”.

24. Referee

Recreational sports leagues are in need of officials. This can be a fun way to make extra money on the side if you can tune out the odd cat call.

Ad – See How to Make Money Going for Daily Walks!


25. Alterations

Handy with a sewing machine? There are plenty of people in need of someone to mend their clothing. You might have great success advertising in your local community newsletter.

26. Carpet Cleaning

You could specialize in small jobs such as pet stain removal.

27. Computer Tutoring/Support

There are still portions of the population lacking basic computer skills.

28. Pet Sitting

When pet owners travel they often need someone to care for their pets. You can become a pet sitter at or simply watch over someone’s pet at

29. Spring and Fall Yard Work

Many people enjoy the exercise from mowing their lawn but can’t be bothered with the extra seasonal cleanup work. Offer a Spring power rake and aeration service and a Fall leaf cleanup. Rent the equipment as needed.

30. Paint Street Numbers

Offer to paint people’s street numbers on their curb so their house can be more easily found. All you need are paint and stencils.

31. Rent Out a Room

Own a home with an extra room? Rent it out to make extra cash. Possibilities include full time renters, college students or vacationers. Check out Airbnb.

32. Rent Out Your Garage

People are always searching for extra space to store their stuff. Do you have room in your garage for someone to store their motorcycle or RV?

33. Door Peep Hole Installer

This is one of the more unique side hustle ideas I have come across. When I moved into my new house, someone rang my doorbell one day. They offered to install a peep hole in my front entrance door for $30. They were done in about 5 minutes.

34. Card Sender

Offer to mail out invitations, thank you cards or birthday cards for busy people or businesses.

35. Home Entertainment Installation

Plenty of people search for someone to mount their big screen TV to a wall and make necessary connections. What’s difficult for some can be profitable for others. Check out Task Rabbit

36. Assembly Service
As with Home Entertainment Installation, a lot of furniture needs assembly from someone who can make sense of the assembly instruction (not me!).

37. Freelance Proof Reading and Editing
You can find work from businesses and individuals in need of proof reading and editing on Upwork.

38. Vehicle Advertising
Turn your vehicle into a money-maker by covering it with advertisements. Check out Wrapify or Carvertise for more details.

39. Clean/Repair BBQ’s

People enjoy cooking outdoors but some don’t like the cleaning and maintenance.

40. Snow Removal

Clear snow from sidewalks and driveways with a shovel or snow blower. Clear snow from parking lots with a plow blade mounted to your truck.

Do you have any side hustle ideas on how to make extra money on the side? Please share them by posting a comment below.

If you like this list please share it.

Simple Side Hustle to Make Extra Money on the Side

If you’re searching for a way to make extra money on the side, you’re certainly not alone. Many people need a side hustle to generate a second income these days. Whether it’s to pay off debt, increase your savings or eventually work for yourself, a side hustle might be exactly what you need.

Some people look to part time employment to make extra money while others see an opportunity to start a business from home on the side. In either case, try to find an activity you enjoy that makes use of your skills to make extra money on the side.

Do you enjoy being outdoors? Do you like going for early morning walks? How would you like to learn a way to make extra money on the side that’s almost as easy to do as going for a walk? I’ve been doing it since 1981 and can show you how to do the same.

Consider becoming a parking lot litter removal contractor. The work is simple to do and there’s no need for any costly equipment. It’s also an ideal side hustle to make extra money on the side as the service is performed late at night or early morning so it won’t conflict with your day job.

How it Works

Parking lot litter removal is an after hours service performed on foot using inexpensive hand tools. You simply walk the exterior property of any commercial property when the businesses are closed and sweep litter into your collection tool. When your tool is full, empty into an on site waste dumpster.

You can clean up litter from the sidewalks, parking lot and any surrounding landscape areas almost as fast as you can walk when using these litter collection tools. Cleaning a property is possible in one-third the time it was taking me with other tools such as lobby pans, grabbers and bags.

This is the selling point. You can provide a more thorough daily litter removal service for less cost to your customer than what a power sweeping contractor, for example, charges for one thorough sweep. You’re not expected to sweep up any dirt or gravel. Power sweeping will still be required to sweep up this material, but no longer to sweep up litter on a frequent basis.

How I Got Started

I was working a full time job at a sporting goods store in 1981 when I realized I wanted to make extra money on the side. I needed a simple, low cost way to make money that I could work outdoors. My father had cleaned up litter from a shopping plaza nearby and occasionally enlisted my help with the work. It was easy work, so I decided to see if there was much money to be made providing this service.

I worked at my day job from 2 pm – 10 pm. I marketed my business in the mornings before work and used my time after work to clean up litter. I started with three properties to make extra money on the side. I quit my job when I started making more money from this simple side hustle than I was earning from my full time job. I now manage an operation that routinely bills out over $650,000 a year and you can do the same! In fact, I know people who are making an extra $20,000-$50,000 a year working only part time – just by cleaning up litter outside commercial properties.

How to Make Money

You can make extra money on the side cleaning up litter from all kinds of properties – small to medium size retail, office and industrial developments. Look around your city. Each of these properties needs to be maintained litter free. This is where you come in.

Commercial property management companies are contracted by property owners to manage and maintain their properties. They’re your best source for business as they also typically manage several properties. All you need to do is contact them to explain how you can help them.  Find more marketing tips and step-by-step instructions in the book I wrote on how to start and operate a parking lot litter removal business.

People Always Litter

I’ve been in this business since 1981 and can state from decades of personal experience that people’s attitudes towards littering haven’t changed. If you’re as old as I am you might recall the old public service commercials that aired on television many years ago; the animated, “don’t be a litter bug” or Keep America Beautiful’s, native American on horse looking down upon trash filled streets and “tearing up”. We could use these tools of education today.

I see the results of smokers tossing their cigarette butts with no regards to a nearby ashtray. Drink cups, candy and fast food wrappers are dropped to the ground because people don’t care or have the attitude that someone else will clean up after them. Bylaws and fines for littering have increased over the years yet we still have a litter problem.

You can turn this into a profitable side hustle to make extra money on the side. Start out part time while keeping your day job and then grow your client base as you please. Work just a few hours a day or expand to a full time business as I did. The choice is yours.

Perks of the Job

I enjoy working outdoors, getting my work done then having the rest of the day to do as I please. I’m proud of the “green” service I’m providing and how it makes a positive environmental impact in my community. I enjoy the lifestyle my business provides and my job is never boring.

People can be careless with their belongings. I find articles of clothing, cell phones, wallets and purses. I do what I can to return items of value. I occasionally find paper money bills outside restaurants or bars. Imagine your reaction if you found several bills scattered on the ground. First, you’d look around to see if anyone was watching you. You’d wonder if someone was playing you for some social experiment like the TV show, “What Would You Do?” Then you’d realize that someone’s careless loss has turned into yet another way for you to make extra money on the side.

I’ve been offered free coffee and food from employees working nights at 24 hour convenience food stores. I’ve been offered free pizza when the various pizza businesses close for the night. Hey, they throw it out any way!

I make money going for walks. It’s a great way to stay in shape. If you’re looking for a simple, low cost way to make extra money on the side, with extra benefits, then this side hustle is for you!

Order my book, Cleanlots, for an easy-to-follow manual that details how to start and operate America’s simplest business. I even provide FREE support from my 35+ years experience. Turn litter into your profitable business.


Brian Winch is the author, founder and owner of Cleanlots, America’s simplest business. He’s been perfecting this business for over 35 years and now he wants you to benefit from his experience.

Move over 401(k), ‘side hustles’ are becoming key retirement issue –

Retirement side jobs are increasingly becoming part of a long term financial plan along with Social Security, a 401(k) or pension and personal savings. Working part time can also provide a creative outlet for many retirees. Side hustles can provide a routine, purpose, community and extra money.

Will you seek a part time job or start a side business in retirement? Start by testing some options for turning your work experience or hobbies into income. Don’t wait until you’re retired from working full time to start this process.

Do you enjoy being outdoors and going for walks? Parking lot litter removal might be the right opportunity for you. It’s almost as easy as going for a walk! Property management companies need people to maintain their retail, office and industrial properties litter-free. All you need to provide this service are inexpensive hand tools and your vehicle to get you around. You simply walk up to a piece of litter and sweep it into your collection bag. The work only takes the time to walk the sidewalks, parking lot and any surrounding landscape of a commercial property. You can seek part time employment or start your own profitable side business.

This work provides flexible hours as it needs to be performed before businesses open in the morning. Get your work done then spend the day as you please. There’s nothing like an early morning walk to stay in shape. Get paid to do it!

I have over 35 years experience in the parking lot litter removal business. I can show you how to make extra money performing an important service to the environment in your community. Check out my story.

Chris Farrell provides key insights as to why side businesses are becoming a key retirement issue. Check out his article. gig economy is largely associated with Uber and Lyft, the drive sharing services, Airbnb, renting out rooms in your home to visitors, and similar companies. You use your car, your home or your skills to make some money on the side. Read more…


Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

We all experience a bad day at work now and then. But how do you decide whether it’s time to quit your job and perhaps work for yourself or stick it out? You should absolutely start looking for other opportunities if you hate your job intensely.  Staying in such a job not only provides no satisfaction or sense of accomplishment but can lead to health and social problems. If you decide to stick it out then perhaps you can find activities outside of work that will satisfy your wants and needs.

Have you considered volunteering? There are all sorts of possibilities such as coaching youth sports, fund raising for charities, helping the disadvantaged or disabled, community cleanups, etc. Have you considered a side business? There are many legitimate, low cost, business opportunities that can be operated from home part time. Chances are good that you can take your existing skill set to one of these activities and create a new career that you’ll enjoy.

Check out Alison Doyle’s 13 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job. are some signs you should quit your job sooner rather than later and it’s time to leave your job behind. Read more…


Yes, You Do Have Time to Start a Business While Working

We all live busy lives. If you’re going to start a business while working, you’ll need more than inspiration. You’ll need some practical advice about how to manage your time effectively.

When I started my business in 1981, I was working a full time job. I must admit I was fortunate to be working the hours of 2 – 10pm. I used my off time hours to start and grow my business. This was a time before cell phones and emails. So, if you’re working the typical 9 – 5 job today, you have the technical advantages that I didn’t have back in the day. Make use of your breaks at work and after hours to start and grow your business.

Write down what tasks you need to accomplish in priority order, then break down the work into smaller, manageable pieces. You’ll stay motivated to achieve your ultimate goal as you accomplish each task along the way. No one can do it all. Get expert help when you need it. You’ll be able to accomplish more than you can achieve by yourself.

Anyone who claims they don’t have time to pursue their dreams should read Sara Mauskopf’s story. While she was in the midst of launching her company, Winnie, she had both an infant at home and husband battling cancer. Check out her 5 basic tips to get you started. Here’s a great post by Jessica Stillman. time is short, perfectionism really isn’t an option. Focus on the stuff that matters, and let the rest of it slide a little. But Mauskopf cautions that can be easier said than done: “Perfectionism is a tough habit to break so you have to set time limits and force yourself to just put things out there even if they aren’t 100 percent perfect.” Read more…


15 Home-Based Retirement Businesses | Home Business Magazine

Studies reveal some businesses have been reluctant to hire older, unemployed workers. It’s illegal to discriminate in hiring persons who are 40 years or older, but many businesses do for various reasons. They may believe older workers lack the technical savvy or they’ll have to be financially compensated more than younger workers. Subsequently, many unemployed older adults are starting home based retirement businesses to either support themselves or supplement their retirement incomes.

Commercial litter cleanup is a great opportunity if you enjoy flexible hours and love to work outdoors. The work is almost as easy to do as going for a walk each day. This home based service business is easily performed with simple hand tools. I’ve been in this business since 1981. I can personally teach you how to make money either part or full time.

If you’re an older adult who’s looking for a needed income opportunity, Priscilla Huff has written about 15 Home Based Retirement Businesses for your consideration. more business start-up information, visit Research your idea, consult with experts, write a business plan, and then launch into your own home-business. Start today and operate it the rest of your life, if you choose, earning money while doing work you love! Read more…


Blue-Collar Businesses Pay Off for Entrepreneurs

Do you want to start a small business that has the potential to make a lot of money? Then consider one of many types of blue-collar-businesses that challenge the perception that you need to be a college graduate to be a top income earner. According to a study by Invoice2go, 8 of the top 10 highest earning industries come from the blue collar sector. Not all are as profitable as others however. Some have low profit margins while others such as a commercial parking lot litter removal service yield a much larger profit.  Check out more of the study’s results as written by Chad Brooks, Business News Daily Senior Writer.“While society tends to push everyone to get a four-year degree, and typically take on a lot of debt in the process, we are seeing countless examples of people carving out a very successful path of their own, particularly in blue-collar industries,” Briski wrote on the company’s blog. “There’s a lot of opportunity out there, and with new technology to make it even easier to thrive as a small business operator, it’s ripe for anyone’s taking.” Read more…


13 Part-Time Business Ideas for Generating Side Income

Starting a business part time can be less costly and much easier than you think. It’s a great way to learn the necessary skills required to operate a business while also generating a side income. You may eventually decide to make the move to full time entrepreneurship as many others have got their start this way. I started a simple litter removal business outside commercial properties part time in 1981. I quit my full time job a few months later when I was making more money from my part time business than my job. Some people prefer the security and benefits that come from full time employment along with the extra money a simple part time business can provide on the side. You decide what’s best for your situation. Nicole Fallon Taylor has written about 13 part time business ideas perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs. ready to quit your day job? You can still generate income on the side by running any one of these startups in your spare time. Read more…


Don’t Want To Feel Lost Anymore? Find Your Life Purpose With This Indicator

We all contemplate what our purpose in life is at some point in our lives. You may be a teen trying to “find yourself”, a student evaluating career options, a worker considering a career change, a person looking to “make a difference” through a volunteer position, or someone who’s considering self employment; there are simple steps you can take to lead you in the right direction. I’d like to share some content I came across written by Jenny Marchal, “Don’t Want to Feel Lost Anymore? Find Your Life Purpose With This Indicator”. out how to find your life purpose but connecting with your inner-Energy – your built in guidance system showing you the way to a happier life. Read more…


Retirement Business Opportunity Ideas

Are you approaching retirement but not quite ready to stop working? You’ve always thought that one day you’d like to be self employed. But you’re struggling to come up with a list of business opportunity ideas. Focus on business ideas that leverage your years of work and life experience. Decide how much you want to work and for how many years. Choose an opportunity you’ll enjoy doing and it won’t be work. Here are five business ideas for your consideration from Sarita Harbour, Business News Daily contributor. services has long been a popular idea for younger, active retirees who want to start their own businesses; however, familiar choices like handyman services, tutoring or pet sitting aren’t the only games in town. Read more…