The Exploding Gig Economy |

The gig economy is exploding in terms of growth, and that’s good news for the growing number of people who make hustling for side gigs a way of life. Many people, particularly millennials, place a high value on job flexibility and work-life balance and prefer working a number of side gigs. While some choose to work less and make less money, many others can make more than they did at their previous job.

So what’s driving the movement to the gig economy? Many people with part or full time employment look to side gigs to supplement their income. Professionals will gig while they’re in between jobs. Companies can partner with independent contractors and freelancers to obtain specialized talent and realize significant cost savings.

Many companies feel more comfortable working with independent contractors and freelancers. But talent alone doesn’t guarantee you success in the gig economy. You need to market your skill in a professional manner, create a work schedule and stick to it and manage your money to help get you through any cash flow shortages.

It’s not always easy. You’ll need to keep hustling to obtain as many side gigs as you desire. Side gigs don’t provide health insurance or paid vacation time.  But for a growing number of Americans, working in the gig economy is more satisfying, and often more lucrative, than traditional employment.

I’ve been a part of the gig economy since 1981. I started my business as a side gig while working a full time job and quickly turned my side gig into a full time way of life. You can do the same with Cleanlots, America’s simplest business. I’ll show you how to start and operate a commercial parking lot litter removal service based from home. Provide an on-foot service using inexpensive hand tools after hours. Almost as easy to do as going for a walk!

Check out this infographic from the UPS Store on The Exploding Gig Economy. rise of the gig workforce can be a good thing for freelancers and the companies that hire them. Read more…