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Studies reveal some businesses have been reluctant to hire older, unemployed workers. It’s illegal to discriminate in hiring persons who are 40 years or older, but many businesses do for various reasons. They may believe older workers lack the technical savvy or they’ll have to be financially compensated more than younger workers. Subsequently, many unemployed older adults are starting home based retirement businesses to either support themselves or supplement their retirement incomes.

Commercial litter cleanup is a great opportunity if you enjoy flexible hours and love to work outdoors. The work is almost as easy to do as going for a walk each day. This home based service business is easily performed with simple hand tools. I’ve been in this business since 1981. I can personally teach you how to make money either part or full time.

If you’re an older adult who’s looking for a needed income opportunity, Priscilla Huff has written about 15 Home Based Retirement Businesses for your consideration.

http://homebusinessmag.com/businesses/business-opportunities/15-home-based-retirement-businesses/?utm_source=January+27%2C+2017%3A+HBM+Today&utm_campaign=Home+Business+Today&utm_medium=emailFor more business start-up information, visit homebusinessexpo.com. Research your idea, consult with experts, write a business plan, and then launch into your own home-business. Start today and operate it the rest of your life, if you choose, earning money while doing work you love! Read more…


Simple, Low Cost Self Employment Opportunity

Are you looking for a way to make more money? Something that doesn’t require a lot of start up capital? A business opportunity that’s also simple to operate? One that can be started from home part time with the very real potential to build up to a full time business that generates a yearly six figure income?

Then consider starting a cleaning business. Office and house cleaning are most likely the first two types of cleaning businesses that come to mind. But there are other niche cleaning business opportunities that are very profitable that may not have as much competition. Ceiling cleaning, mattress cleaning, pressure washing and parking lot litter cleanup are a few more that are worthy of serious consideration.

There will always be a need for a cleaning service. Many smart entrepreneurs have recognized this and have seized the opportunity to fill the need. That’s how fortunes are made. Find a need and fill it.

Unlike many other types of businesses, you don’t need a high volume of customers. Most cleaning companies have contracts with their customers to provide their service on a regularly scheduled basis. Some contracts can be in place for a number of years, with a contractor/client relationship that lasts many more. I’ve developed several customer relationships that I still maintain after 35 years of being in the parking lot litter cleanup business. The key is to provide great customer service.

I started in 1981 trying to obtain customers for my office cleaning service. One of my first prospects told me he was satisfied with his office cleaners but had the need for someone to clean up litter on a daily basis outside his three retail properties. I jumped at the opportunity and quickly learned on the job how best to provide this service.

It’s almost as easy as a walk in the park! All you require for equipment are inexpensive hand tools and your vehicle to get you from one job site to the next. You simply walk each property and sweep up any litter material into your litter collection tool. You empty your tool into a waste dumpster on site. Service is performed after hours when the stores are closed, which makes this an ideal part time or side business.

Home Business MagazineI’ve been making a six figure income yearly for decades cleaning up litter outside commercial properties. You can do the same. Let me teach you how. Go to my website. http://www.cleanlots.com. Check out my story in Home Business Magazine.

INSURANCE GUIDE: Liability Insurance For The Self-Employed – The Self Employed

You’ve discovered self employment to be both personally and financially rewarding. Your simple parking lot litter cleanup business has turned out to be a great source of income. You were able to start part time, with little money, based from home, and after only little more than a years time you quit your job to operate your business full time. You’re thinking life has never been better.

Then one day you receive a phone call from an insurance company. They would like to meet with you to discuss a slip and fall incident that occurred six months ago at one of the properties you’re contracted to provide litter cleanup. You feel sick. You thought you didn’t need insurance yet. None of your clients had asked you for proof of insurance coverage after initiating contracts. What could possibly happen that would make you require insurance?

It turns out a lady slipped on a banana peel that someone had discarded in the parking lot outside the health club at your contracted property. She broke her ankle and is suing for damages. Her insurance company has contacted the property owners insurance company, who is now wanting to involve your insurance company. This is a rare scenario, but it doe’s happen. Without insurance you’ll have to pay the cost of defending yourself in court. Yes, you have a contract that states you provide daily litter cleanup. You know you cleaned up that banana peel. In fact you clean up several peels from that same spot, probably from the same person who thinks the parking lot is fine to throw trash on. But you don’t have insurance so you’ll have to hire a lawyer to prove that neither the property owner or your company is negligent, as a contract is in place to clean up possible slip and fall hazards. Should the case go to court and the judge decides in favor of the injured woman, you’ll be held liable for her medical bills and other awarded expenses. You may also lose your customer.

Don’t let this possibility happen. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (CGL) covers you in case someone gets hurt and the cost of your legal defence in that case. It’s a cost of doing business and as such is a business expense. Contact an insurance broker to shop for the best insurance coverage. I’ve found my clients require that I carry $5 million coverage. It’s important that your business be properly classified. In the case of my commercial litter cleanup business, I’m not operating any power sweepers so I don’t want to be classified as a sweeping/parking lot maintenance contractor. I provide a service on foot (walking) with simple, inexpensive hand tools. Getting a proper industry classification will result in a more affordable insurance premium.

I found a great article written by Marshall Lee. He further makes a case as to why insurance for the self employed is so important.

https://www.theselfemployed.com/insurance/insurance-guide-liability-insurance-for-the-self-employed/By neglecting to insure your business you are risking not just your income and your livelihood, but also your assets and your ability to earn money now and in the future. Read more…