15 Inexpensive Business Ideas You Can Start

Do you want to start a business from home and are searching for inexpensive business ideas you can start quickly? Are you looking for a simple to operate business that doesn’t require the time and money to develop specialized skills? If you want a legitimate business opportunity, you need to be prepared to work the business if you want the business to work for you. Riches don’t come overnight, but you can make a good living from being your own boss.

There are many inexpensive business ideas you can start as a side hustle. You might choose to keep it that way to supplement your income from your full time job. Eventually you may decide to quit your job and focus your time on your business. It’s a nice choice to have.

I faced such a choice myself in 1981. I was working a full time job and wanting more out of life and realized my job couldn’t provide it. I didn’t have much money or education but I had the desire to work for myself. My late father used to have a simple side gig to supplement his full time income when I was a kid. He provided a simple litter cleanup service outside a neighborhood shopping plaza that was almost as easy to do as going for a walk! I started a similar service while still working and within months I decided to go full time with my business and quit my job.

Being your own boss is a rewarding experience. If you’re willing to put forth the effort, seek help when necessary and not give up, you can turn one of these ideas into a successful business.

Check out Susan Ward’s post, 15 Inexpensive Business Ideas That Anyone Can Start.

https://www.thebalance.com/inexpensive-business-ideas-2947950?utm_campaign=moneysl&utm_medium=email&utm_source=cn_nl&utm_content=9600721&utm_term=Don’t have much to invest? Check out this list of business ideas for profitable businesses you can start quickly and inexpensively. Read more…


15 Easy-To-Start Green Businesses

Joining the growing, earth-friendly movement towards a more greener environment can put more green in your bank account and provide the satisfaction that you’re making the world a more beautiful and prosperous place for generations to come. Some entrepreneurs recognize the many opportunities and are starting green businesses that reduce, reuse or recycle waste materials.

We’ve been providing a simple green litter cleanup service outside retail, office and industrial properties for over 30 years. We offer a daily on-foot service using inexpensive hand tools to property management companies who need to maintain their properties litter free. Almost as easy as a walk in the park!

We help provide our clients with a cost effective entry point into the environmental stewardship conversation through commercial litter control. We promote healthy commercial surroundings and play a key role in our clients ability to retain and attract new tenants to their properties as well as improving a company’s image with customers.

Cleaning up litter may not seem like it makes much of a difference, but you’d be surprised about how harmful litter is to waterways and wildlife. In no small measure we make a significant contribution to the local cleanup effort, and so can you with your own green, environmentally responsible business. To learn more about the importance of litter to the environment, take a few moments to read about Keep America Beautiful.

Here are a few of the many eco-friendly, home based businesses you might want to start, written by Priscilla Huff. Check out her post, 15 Easy To Start Green Businesses.

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5 Reasons to Start a Home Based Commercial Cleaning Business

Most people don’t like cleaning, but then most people don’t get paid to do it. A home based commercial cleaning business can be a great home business choice. It can be very profitable, offer flexible hours, and be built quickly without special skills or experience.

Every commercial building requires some type of cleaning service to maintain a professional and clean environment. Janitorial services, window washing and outside litter removal are 3 examples. These services are most often provided daily, month after month, year after year, in any economy, good or bad. Cleaning contracts provide consistent business and income.

People have started commercial cleaning businesses with very little money and have grown them into very profitable businesses. You don’t need a formal business education or special skills as you can learn from an existing business or franchise model. Many janitorial supply companies also provide online or classroom training. Most cleaning work is performed after hours, or when the businesses are closed, so you can start out by doing all the work yourself even while working a full time job. You can build your business further by taking on people who are in need of a second income and able to work nights. Invest in tools that will maximize your time and effort.

Cleanlots offers a simple, low cost, outdoor service opportunity. For more on how to get started in commercial cleaning, read 5 Reasons to Start a Home Based Commercial Cleaning Business, by Mindy Lilyquist.

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How To Find A Home-Based Business Opportunity

Are you looking to join the legions of others who have chosen to break out from the 9-5 prison for the personal and financial freedom that a home based business can provide? The challenging task ahead is how to find a business opportunity that you’d like, are able to do and can afford. Check out this personal academic paper written by CustomWritings.com titled “Personal Essay on Home-Based Business.

http://homebusinessmag.com/business-start-up/self-assessment/personal-essay-home-based-business/?utm_source=August+5%2C+2016%3A+HBM+Today&utm_campaign=Home+Business+Today&utm_medium=emailSurprisingly, your first step should not be to quit your current job. It’s going to take some effort and more importantly time to get your home-based business off the ground. It’s going to be hard enough to bring the idea from your head to paper to reality and attracting paying customers, without having to worry about getting food onto your table or paying for your utility bills. Stay in your current workplace for as long as you can handle it, but severing the cord. Yes, you will be essentially working two jobs, but it is good to keep in mind that your “day job” only exists to fuel the creation of your own business. In general, try to stay employed in your current job until your home-based business is bringing in enough money to supplement the majority of the former. Read more…


3 Ways To Make Your Small Business Seem Like A Big Business

You’re a one person business operating from home. So how do you gain credibility with your prospects? There are a number of ways you can make your small business seem larger than it really is.

We, not I.

Always refer to your business in the plural form. It gives the impression that your business has a team ready and able to handle any customer service issue. Sure, you may be responsible for sales, customer service, accounts payables/receivables and your the sole service provider. But your prospects don’t need to know that. You can still refer to yourself as owner/operator with your focus on personal service. You need to keep in mind your prospect’s or client’s concern whether your company is large enough to service their needs.

Here are some simple ways you can accomplish this:

  1. Have a dedicated business phone number where all calls are answered with your business name. I’m still amazed how many small home based businesses utilize their personal phone number for business. This is not a place to be cheap. If you want to be taken seriously then you need to convey to your prospects that you’re a legitimate business.
  2. Operate with a business name. Do you want to be seen as a business or a person looking to make a few extra bucks on the side? If you’re a sole proprietorship you can file for a dba (doing business as) name.
  3. You need professional looking sales material. It doesn’t matter what it is. Flyers, post cards, brochures, sales letters, business cards or website. Get help with the copy or design if you need it. Here’s your opportunity to create an image for your business.

These are very basic but necessary steps for starting a legitimate business. If you want your business to be seen like one, never mind a larger one, you need to operate legitimately.

Jane Hurst has written a great post I’d like to share with you.

http://www.lifehack.org/402331/3-ways-to-make-your-small-business-seem-like-a-big-businessThere are so many things you can do to make your small business look much larger than it actually is, which is going to give you more credibility to the public. Read more…


How to write better leaflets and fliers | How To Write Better.net

Direct mail post cards are still a very effective method of advertising in this online world we live. Small businesses to large corporations still market with them because they work. Think of the mail you receive. You’ve probably opened your mail box recently to find offers from fast food restaurants, real estate agents, car dealerships or home improvement companies. You may have received a mailing for a small business opportunity because you’re on a mailing list. When you’re holding a post card chances are pretty good you’re also reading it!

Post cards are an inexpensive way to reach your target audience. In direct mail marketing the more tightly you specify your mailing list, the better your response. Mailing list companies can be found by doing an online search or even by using a hard copy of a business phone directory. Lists are sold for a single use only. Of course you can also compile your own list as well for free if you have the time. Make sure you have the answers to the following questions before using a list: How old is the list? You want to be certain the name and address information is correct. How many names are available? Can you specify only specific geographical areas? How were the names secured? Were they compiled from telephone directories, a trade association or subscription list? A list from a phone directory may not be as current.

What’s a good response to a single mailing? Most people want a hard number like 2%, 5% or 10%. A successful mailing is one that makes money. One new customer can generate thousands of dollars for your business. Typically 1% to 2% would be considered a successful mailing. Depending on the size of your mailing, you can either do it yourself or hand the job over to a direct mail shop. They can print, affix postage and mail it for you for a reasonable cost. I’ve personally revised the copy on my post cards many times through trial and error to their current form. They work hard to generate thousands of dollars in sales because I follow a few simple rules: Don’t use cheap paper. Go for a 80 pound stock. Since you can get 2 or 3 cards from a single sheet, go for the quality stuff. Don’t use glossy paper. Glossy cards aren’t handled well by the post office sorting machines and will often get mangled or destroyed.

A direct mail campaign is not one mailing, but rather a series of mailings. You need to contact your prospective customer usually more than once to make a sale. This applies to all your marketing methods. A marketing campaign is a sustained effort over time, so be consistent with your advertising.

http://howtowritebetter.net/how-to-write-better-leaflets/Much as we depend on the internet to announce and publicise events and business offers, printed documents – leaflets, or fliers as some people call them – are often the first line of action. It’s better to stick to a more conversational tone, although obviously you need to match your writing style to the style that’s appropriate for your offer or announcement, and of course for your readers. Be sure of exactly what the leaflet has to achieve, and don’t expect it to achieve more than one main objective with perhaps 3 or 4 subsidiary ones.

Much as we depend on the internet to announce and publicise events and business offers, printed documents – leaflets, or fliers as some people call them – are often the first line of action. It’s better to stick to a more conversational tone, although obviously you need to match your writing style to the style that’s appropriate for your offer or announcement, and of course for your readers. Be sure of exactly what the leaflet has to achieve, and don’t expect it to achieve more than one main objective with perhaps 3 or 4 subsidiary ones. Read more…


7 Simple Ways To Ramp Up Productivity In Your Home Office

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start your own home based business. It’s important you establish a proper office environment with the necessary devices to make operating your business as efficiently as possible.

Your home office should be set up in an area where it remains separate, in some way, from the family space of your home. You’ll need a cell phone with voice mail and email. If you have a full time job and are starting your business part time, you can respond to any inquiries during your breaks. This may help demonstrate you’re available during all regular business hours.  Next in line is a computer. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a desk top or lap top. You’ll have a much more accurate view of your business and it’s profitability. It also proves handy at tax time as you can access pertinent information quickly. An “all-in-one” copier/scanner/fax machine completes your basic home office device needs. You’ll need to scan documents, print material and, yes, be able to accept and send faxes. I’ve found one I highly recommend. Go to my website for details. cleanlots.com. It’s very affordable and will do the job professionally.

Some sort of filing system will be needed to store records. You’ll need folders for business expenses, banking, legal, insurance, promotion, etc. A small filing cabinet, box or desk drawer keeps everything organized.

This is pretty basic stuff. For more tips check out 7 Simple Ways To Ramp Up Productivity In Your Home Office.

http://www.lifehack.org/395057/7-simple-ways-to-ramp-up-productivity-in-your-home-office?ref=mail&mtype=daily_newsletter&mid=20160503_customized&uid=407761&email=bgwinch%40gmail.com&action=clickCheck out these seven easy ways to create the ultimate remote work setup to maximize productivity.

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LegalZoom – Step by Step Guide on Starting your Business. – YouTube

LegalZoom has helped over a million business’s start their business. They make it easy with their step-by-step instructions. They can help with business legal organization to licensing.  Save time and money with LegalZoom.

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The Crying Indian – full commercial – Keep America Beautiful – YouTube

It’s unfortunate we don’t often see public service announcements like this anymore. If you grew up in the 70’s like I did you probably remember seeing this on television. Same with the animated Litter Bug or Smokey Bear. I’ve been in the commercial litter cleanup business for over 30 years. One thing that doesn’t change is the attitude of many people who think it’s acceptable to dump the litter from their vehicle onto the parking lot, toss their empty drink cups wherever they please or flick their cigarette butt onto the sidewalk even though a receptacle is only steps away.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7OHG7tHrNMEarth Day, the annual day of environmental action and awareness, was first held on April 22, 1970. This past April 22nd, we finally ventured into the woods b… The Crying Indian – full commercial – Keep America Beautiful – YouTube