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Brian Winch | February 08, 2017

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Studies reveal some businesses have been reluctant to hire older, unemployed workers. It’s illegal to discriminate in hiring persons who are 40 years or older, but many businesses do for various reasons. They may believe older workers lack the technical savvy or they’ll have to be financially compensated more than younger workers. Subsequently, many unemployed older adults are starting home based retirement businesses to either support themselves or supplement their retirement incomes.

Commercial litter cleanup is a great opportunity if you enjoy flexible hours and love to work outdoors. The work is almost as easy to do as going for a walk each day. This home based service business is easily performed with simple hand tools. I’ve been in this business since 1981. I can personally teach you how to make money either part or full time.

If you’re an older adult who’s looking for a needed income opportunity, Priscilla Huff has written about 15 Home Based Retirement Businesses for your consideration.

http://homebusinessmag.com/businesses/business-opportunities/15-home-based-retirement-businesses/?utm_source=January+27%2C+2017%3A+HBM+Today&utm_campaign=Home+Business+Today&utm_medium=emailFor more business start-up information, visit homebusinessexpo.com. Research your idea, consult with experts, write a business plan, and then launch into your own home-business. Start today and operate it the rest of your life, if you choose, earning money while doing work you love! Read more…


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