15 Inexpensive Business Ideas You Can Start

Brian Winch | May 24, 2017

Source: https://www.thebalance.com

Do you want to start a business from home and are searching for inexpensive business ideas you can start quickly? Are you looking for a simple to operate business that doesn’t require the time and money to develop specialized skills? If you want a legitimate business opportunity, you need to be prepared to work the business if you want the business to work for you. Riches don’t come overnight, but you can make a good living from being your own boss.

There are many inexpensive business ideas you can start as a side hustle. You might choose to keep it that way to supplement your income from your full time job. Eventually you may decide to quit your job and focus your time on your business. It’s a nice choice to have.

I faced such a choice myself in 1981. I was working a full time job and wanting more out of life and realized my job couldn’t provide it. I didn’t have much money or education but I had the desire to work for myself. My late father used to have a simple side gig to supplement his full time income when I was a kid. He provided a simple litter cleanup service outside a neighborhood shopping plaza that was almost as easy to do as going for a walk! I started a similar service while still working and within months I decided to go full time with my business and quit my job.

Being your own boss is a rewarding experience. If you’re willing to put forth the effort, seek help when necessary and not give up, you can turn one of these ideas into a successful business.

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https://www.thebalance.com/inexpensive-business-ideas-2947950?utm_campaign=moneysl&utm_medium=email&utm_source=cn_nl&utm_content=9600721&utm_term=Don’t have much to invest? Check out this list of business ideas for profitable businesses you can start quickly and inexpensively. Read more…


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