5 Reasons for Starting a Cleaning Business

Brian Winch | April 19, 2016

Source: https://cleanlots.com/

Starting a cleaning business can be simple and inexpensive. Brian Winch built his own successful commercial litter cleanup business and has over 30 years experience in his industry. He also teaches others how to start their own litter cleanup business. Here are 5 reasons for starting a cleaning business and being part of a rewarding industry.

  1. Make Big Money. The cash flow in a cleaning business is excellent. You can make money every day as you receive payments from your contracted clients on a rolling basis. It’s possible to bring in $50,000 a year working part time and over $100,000 a year full time as a one person operation. You can grow your business as big as you want!
  2. Low Cost Start Up. Your equipment consists of simple and inexpensive hand tools, you can operate your business from home and you can market to your target client prospects without great expense.
  3. Recession Proof. Buildings will always need to be cleaned. Brian has experienced 3 recessions and none had any effect on his business.
  4. No Experience Necessary. This is such a simple business that most anyone who is self-motivated  can quickly and easily develop the skills necessary for their business to succeed.
  5. Career Satisfaction. You should derive satisfaction from the fact that you’re providing a valuable community service. You set your own hours and are free when your work is done and not when the clock says you are. If you take responsibility and accountability for your cleaning service, you’ll be successful. If you get a sense of satisfaction from helping your clients, your work will be meaningful and fulfilling.

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