5 Reasons to Start a Home Based Commercial Cleaning Business

Brian Winch | April 12, 2017

Source: https://www.thebalance.com

Most people don’t like cleaning, but then most people don’t get paid to do it. A home based commercial cleaning business can be a great home business choice. It can be very profitable, offer flexible hours, and be built quickly without special skills or experience.

Every commercial building requires some type of cleaning service to maintain a professional and clean environment. Janitorial services, window washing and outside litter removal are 3 examples. These services are most often provided daily, month after month, year after year, in any economy, good or bad. Cleaning contracts provide consistent business and income.

People have started commercial cleaning businesses with very little money and have grown them into very profitable businesses. You don’t need a formal business education or special skills as you can learn from an existing business or franchise model. Many janitorial supply companies also provide online or classroom training. Most cleaning work is performed after hours, or when the businesses are closed, so you can start out by doing all the work yourself even while working a full time job. You can build your business further by taking on people who are in need of a second income and able to work nights. Invest in tools that will maximize your time and effort.

Cleanlots offers a simple, low cost, outdoor service opportunity. For more on how to get started in commercial cleaning, read 5 Reasons to Start a Home Based Commercial Cleaning Business, by Mindy Lilyquist.

https://www.thebalance.com/start-a-commercial-cleaning-franchise-17944935 Reasons to Start a Home Based Commercial Cleaning Business plus tips to getting started. Read more…


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