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Brian Winch | February 01, 2017

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Salespeople are often broken off into two distinct camps; those who can and those who can’t. We’ve all encountered the pushy salesperson. They’re often too eager to make a sale or are uninterested in our wants or needs. Striking the right balance is necessary if you don’t want to come across as unprofessional to potential customers.

We’re all salespeople, by trade or not. Some of us are better, but sales is a skill that we all learned from an early age. You must remember selling your parents about why you needed a raise in your allowance. If you’re married, you first dated, followed by a period of engagement, resulting in you selling yourself as the right choice for spouse. You competed amongst many other job applicants to sell yourself as the right choice for the job. I think I’ve made my point. Call it what you will – sales, persuasion or convincing, we all do it  in everyday life.

Here are some sales tips we can learn to become better salespeople:

  1. Know your product or service so you can answer all your prospect’s questions.
  2. Listen to what your prospect says. You need to be able to explain how you can solve their problems.
  3. Turn your products or services features into benefits. How your prospect benefits will persuade them to buy
  4. Persistence. Repeat previous 3 tips. Most sales are not made on one attempt.

Remember, great salespeople are made not born.

Here’s another perspective: 7 Bad Habits That Make Salespeople Look Really Unprofessional, by Peter Economy.

http://www.inc.com/peter-economy/7-bad-habits-that-make-salespeople-look-really-unprofessional.html?cid=nl029week04day26Making sales is hard enough–don’t add to your difficulties by doing these things. Read more…


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