7 Things This Millionaire (and Introvert) Can Teach You About Becoming Self-Made | Inc.com

Brian Winch | December 07, 2016

Source: http://www.inc.com

Mike Dillard became a self-made millionaire in his late 20’s. His attempts at becoming a successful entrepreneur within his first five years after graduating from college were unsuccessful. Two years of introspection and analysis led him to make changes that enabled him to make his first million dollars. He shares 7 things that helped him transform himself into a self-made millionaire with J.T. O’Donnell.

http://www.inc.com/jt-odonnell/7-things-this-millionaire-and-introvert-can-teach-you-about-becoming-self-made.html?cid=nl029week45day10If you want to live life on your own terms, these rules may help you get there. Read more…


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