Answer These 7 Questions Before Starting Your Side Business

Brian Winch | May 10, 2017


Are you working a full time job and considering starting a part time business to make more money? Your side business could turn into both a financial and life enriching experience. But how do you get there? First, you must have enough information to create a plan to move forward before starting your side business.

What skills or experience can you turn into a business? Do you like to work behind a computer or would you prefer to work outdoors? Who would be your customer and why would they buy from you?  How will you finance your start up? Will you sell a product(s) or provide a service(s)? Can you find a mentor to assist you? Are you willing to sacrifice some of your “free time” to spend building your side gig? Give these questions serious consideration. If you can’t imagine yourself working on your business now and 10 years in the future you need to re-evaluate your side business idea.

My dad used to make extra money on the side cleaning up litter outside a neighborhood shopping plaza when I was a kid. He’d taken me a couple times to help him clean up litter from the parking lot, sidewalks and surrounding landscape. All we needed were inexpensive hand tools to provide this daily on-foot service. It was almost as easy to do as going for a walk!

Years later, I was working a full time job in 1981 when I decided I wanted to a side business. But with a high school education, few skills and limited savings, I didn’t have many options. Then I remembered my experience working with my dad.

I enjoy being outdoors so providing an outdoor service appealed to me. The low cost of the tools needed to provide the service was a huge bonus. I was able to finance my business start up from my working salary and started my parking lot litter removal business from home on a “shoestring” budget.

My customers are mostly property management companies that manage retail, office and industrial properties. Due to the low overhead nature of my operation, I’m able to provide daily litter control for the entire outdoor property for a month for the same price as one thorough power sweep of the parking lot. My customers get a cleaner, litter-free property for less cost.

I used my “free time” when not working my full time job to build my client base and provide my service. A few short months later after starting out I decided to devote full time to my business and quit my job. It was nice to have the choice.

You can do the same as I did. Use my story as an example that it can be done. Or, if you too would like to start a parking lot litter removal business in your city, I offer free support to help you get started when you buy the Cleanlots book.

Check out Ahmed Safwan’s post, Answer These 7 Questions Before Starting Your Side Business. someone who already has attained a few milestones on the way to startup success in your industry or a similar market. It needn’t be in the same niche, although that certainly would be preferable. Look for someone who’s just a few steps ahead of you — not necessarily a guru in your space. Read more…


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