How to Close: The Complete List of Sales Closing Techniques

Brian Winch | July 05, 2017


Like any game in life there are rules to selling, particularly when it comes to how to close a sale. Since there can be so many different variable involved there isn’t one favorable closing style for every situation. It’s not surprising that most salespeople find closing a deal to be the most difficult aspect of selling.

You typically get one chance to close a sale. If you’re successful, the preparation you’ve invested in the whole sales process will pay off in spades. You have to keep in mind that when trying to make a sale, the prospective customer needs to come first. Focus on selling how your prospect will benefit from doing business with you. Don’t sell features. Learn how to close a sale with effective strategies.

No matter what industry you’re in, identifying the decision maker is crucial to closing a sale. If you’re unsuccessful in doing so, you’ll simply be wasting your time. Ask who decides on awarding service contracts or makes purchase decisions. You don’t want to waste your time and effort dealing with anyone else.

Here are some tips on how to close a sale that I’ve found to be effective:

*  Know your competition. Competing for business is tough. Make note of something that you’re doing that your competition isn’t. This can be your biggest selling point.

*  Communicate clearly. It’s important to convey to the prospect that you care about their business and not just in getting a deal done. Speak clearly and confidently. Make eye contact with your prospect. This suggests interest in them and confidence in yourself and in what you’re selling.

*  Smile. Use humor. You’ll close more deals if you can get your prospect to lighten up or even laugh. You want to be real and personable, but also remain professional. Do you have a good story to share that’s relevant?

*Stay positive. Closing a sale is a game of percentages. You won’t close every deal, but over time and experience you’ll become more successful.

Aja Frost shares a number of closing styles on how to close a sale in the post How to Close: The Complete List of Sales Closing Techniques. Check it out. buyers can spot high-pressure closing tactics from a mile away. To sell in 2017, you need a strategy that’ll help them make a decision — not manipulate them. These tactics will help you do just that. How to Close: The Complete List of Sales Closing Techniques


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