Customers Are Lost Most Often Due to Neglect

Brian Winch | June 07, 2017


Good customer service means being proactive about keeping in regular contact with your clients to lessen the risk of losing them to your competitors. Most customers are lost due to neglect. Your phone calls, texts, emails and periodic meetings on-site demonstrates to them that you care about their needs.

You must do everything you can to retain clients against a surge of salespeople trying to steal them away. If you fail to manage your customer relationships and use the opportunities to reinforce the value of your product or service, you allow those salespeople to take advantage of the situation to sell your clients on their solutions. That’s a reality of business.

In my experience, a quick phone call goes a long way. Sometimes an email with an attached photo provides more detailed information and is a better option. Both demonstrate to your clients that you care about their business. Make a point to check-in with them on a regular basis. Over time you build a relationship that promotes additional business.

I operate a parking lot litter removal business. I provide a daily on-foot service using hand tools to clean up litter outside commercial properties. Almost as easy to do as going for a walk! We also act as an extra set of eyes for our clients. We notify them of any property damage, graffiti, illegal on-site dumping, burned out lights or anything else they would like to know about. Why? Because it reinforces the value of our service. Anyone can clean, but will they go the extra mile?

Check out the post from Jeb Blount, You Don’t Send Me Flowers: Customers Are Lost Most Often Due to Neglect. He’s the author of People Love You: The Real Secret to Delivering a Legendary Customer Experience. you ever been taken for granted? Can you describe the emotion? Does it make you feel unimportant, small, resentful, angry, and indifferent? Read more…


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