How to Effectively Follow Up on Sales Leads

Brian Winch | May 23, 2016


There’s more to follow-up on a sales lead than one simple communication. You’ve spent time and money on various marketing strategies to bring new leads in. Don’t waste those efforts by failing to do a few simple actions.

Firstly, contact your prospects as soon as possible once you’ve received a query from them. The sooner the better as they’re no doubt also contacting your competitors.

Secondly, stay in touch. You need to be persistent but not a nuisance. Follow up by asking them if they have any questions or need more information. Point out how your service (or product) will benefit them, in different ways, over a number of communications.

Remember the marketing fact that people buy when they’re ready to buy. They do so because their purchase decision satisfies their need or want. Not when businesses want to sell to them.

Here’s a great piece on this subject I think you’ll enjoy. you know how to follow up on sales leads effectively? Here’s a detailed look at how following up in a timely and efficient manner can lead to more sales. Read more…


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2 responses to “How to Effectively Follow Up on Sales Leads”

  1. I agree, it’s important to stay in touch and continue to provide value to your leads because rarely will they buy right away. They will buy in their time, not yours. Good post, Brian.