Friends and Family Don’t Support Your Dreams? – What to do When –

Brian Winch | July 19, 2016


We’ve all had a situation in our lives when a friend or family member has discouraged us from pursuing an opportunity.  You may have come up with what you thought was a great idea for a product or service. Perhaps your dream was to go back to school to advance your education. Or maybe you found a business opportunity. Instead of being encouraged you were given a host of reasons why you shouldn’t pursue your dreams.

Your initial emotional response was probably defensive. You might have retorted “why not?” or “how could you say that?” to their dismissive reasons. What’s important to learn in these situations is why you’re not receiving their support. Are you a dreamer and not a doer? Someone who’s always verbalizing their dreams but doing nothing to pursue them? You can’t fault people for reacting with doubt to your latest proclamation. After all, you have a bad track record. You also need to consider that some people will discourage you from pursing an opportunity that may result in you becoming more educated, successful or wealthy than they are. They have a pessimistic outlook on life and will instinctively give you reasons why your dream will fail.

Here’s what you can do: 1. Keep your dreams to yourself. Write them down and make a plan on how you’re going to accomplish them, one at a time. Most importantly, follow through. You can inform friends and family when you’ve achieved your goal. They’ll be happy to celebrate with you. 2. Find a mentor or group of people who share your interest that will provide support. You’ll get constructive criticism and encouragement, both ingredients necessary for success.

Once you understand why people are motivated to react a certain way, the more likely you’ll be able to choose the right people to support your dreams.

Here’s a great read on the subject from Melissa Chu. your family and friends aren’t supportive, you can use these strategies to convince them that your dreams are worth pursuing. Read more…


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2 responses to “Friends and Family Don’t Support Your Dreams? – What to do When –”

  1. Tyrone Sturghill says:

    Nice Article. In my case, my family & friends do support my dream goal to start my idea business …but, they’re tired of me talking about it and taking to long to execute it.

    • Brian Winch says:

      Thanks Tyrone. Always nice to have their support but they want to see action on your part.