How To Pick The Right Name For Your Startup.

Brian Winch | August 29, 2016


You’ve decided to proceed with a business idea. You thought that was the difficult part. Now you’re struggling with picking the right name for your startup.  Choosing the right business name is important, so don’t rush your selection. Here are some great tips from Marianna Glynska on how to come up with a corporate identity that’s beneficial to your business. name has to reflect what drives your business. For customers, names are important. When they purchase goods or services, they want to know that the company they are buying from is serious about what they do. That doesn’t mean picking a bland, boring name. But it does mean foregrounding what makes you special. So think about coming up with a name that reflects your core values, not just a flashy, catchy name that is easy to remember. Read more…


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