Why you should include keywords in your domain name | .CA

Brian Winch | September 05, 2016

Source: https://www.cira.ca

Including some keywords in your domain name in addition to your business name can improve your website’s performance in a search result. Here are some great tips written by Jason Faber for Cira.

https://cira.ca/blogs/ca-voice/why-you-should-include-keywords-your-domain-nameAlong with using location keywords, searchers often include the specific type of product or service that they are looking for. For example, let’s say Reggie owns a pizza parlour. For him, the domain name ReggiesPizza.ca would be a good choice as it includes both his business name (Reggie’s) and his product (pizza). Furthermore, if he was located in Vancouver, he should also consider registering ReggiesPizzaVancouver.ca. This domain name not only helps him protect his brand, but also helps searchers understand that Reggie sells pizza in Vancouver. Read more…


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