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Brian Winch | April 07, 2016


The Litter Licker hand tool makes cleaning up litter much easier, faster and more profitable.  If you need to clean up a large area, such as a commercial property, this is the tool to use.  I’ve been in the commercial litter clean up business for over 30 years and have found this to be the best tool on the market. Leave the lobby pans for the lobby. You can sweep small litter material such as cigarette butts as well as cups, cans or larger items into the collection bag.  Simply empty when full into a waste dumpster.  I’ve found that I can easily clean a property consisting of a parking lot, sidewalks and surrounding landscape because it’s bag capacity and it’s light weight.  The Litter Licker is available from Hawkex Sales.  1 877 790 2829.  Visit their website for more product information. carries Litter Licker® products in sizes to suit all clean-up jobs, from picking up pet waste to raking leaves. We distribute to Canada and the U.S. Read more…


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8 responses to “Litter Licker Products by Hawkex | Property Cleanup | U.S. | Services”

  1. anthony.arroyo13 says:

    Mr. Winch,
    I have been searching around trying to find the best tools for litter cleanup but I think you are right, the Litter Licker looks like the best tool out there. I have been having trouble getting hold of Hawkex to place an order. Do you happen to know if they are still in business?


    • Brian Winch says:

      It certainly is! They are still in business. Leave a message for Tracy. She’ll get back to you.

  2. disheric says:


    Thanks for all of the very straight forward information in the book so far. I read about 1/3 this morning. I did a web search for the litterlicker, it looks like you just phone in the order. I’m not sure if you knew but the link you have posted to the tool above brings up an error like it’s inactive.

    • Brian Winch says:

      You’re welcome. Yes, you need to phone them. Thanks for letting me know about the link.

  3. firebirdflare says:

    Hello Mr. Winch. I’m trying to start this business in a relatively small city. It’s fairly close to some other small cities that I can branch out to should I decide to hire subcontractors. Is the market good for small cities or should I take my business to somewhere more populated?

    • Brian Winch says:

      That depends on how much money you want to make and if you want to work part or full time. This business model works in small cities but better with a larger population base.

  4. Steven McCartney says:

    Hey Brian, what size bag from LitterLicker do you recommend? It the video of you cleaning a parking lot, it appears to be a medium bag – not too big. But I could be wrong. What size would you say is best for us?