Is a Minimalist Business Right for You? |

Brian Winch | May 31, 2017


Living a minimalist lifestyle isn’t just for people who want to cram their life into a tiny house. It can also apply to business. Running a minimalist business doesn’t mean reducing the size of your business for the sake of being small. It means only growing your business when and where growth provides value to you and your customers.

Working for yourself is freedom from working for someone else. Achieving greater freedom in your business by implementing ideas borrowed from the minimalist mindset can make it even better. Eliminating what doesn’t serve your customers or make you happy seems like a great idea to me.

I started my business because I wanted to work for myself. I didn’t like the daily routine and limited salary from my full time job. With meager savings, no special skills and no business knowledge, I had no other choice than to start a minimalist business of some kind.

A parking lot litter removal business is a perfect example of a minimalist business. You can provide the service yourself without the need for any employees. It’s done most efficiently and profitably on-foot using inexpensive hand tools without the need for costly mechanical equipment. You can operate your business from home without having to rent an office space. It’s a simple yet important environmental service to provide in your community that offers the freedom from stress and financial worry.

Check out this article from Paul Jarvis, Is a Minimalist Business Right for You? isn’t inherently evil, but it comes at a price. And running a minimalist business is more about creating freedom than profits. Sometimes the price makes sense to pay, and sometimes you’re better off sticking with what you’ve got. Read more…


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