Move over 401(k), ‘side hustles’ are becoming key retirement issue –

Brian Winch | May 03, 2017


Retirement side jobs are increasingly becoming part of a long term financial plan along with Social Security, a 401(k) or pension and personal savings. Working part time can also provide a creative outlet for many retirees. Side hustles can provide a routine, purpose, community and extra money.

Will you seek a part time job or start a side business in retirement? Start by testing some options for turning your work experience or hobbies into income. Don’t wait until you’re retired from working full time to start this process.

Do you enjoy being outdoors and going for walks? Parking lot litter removal might be the right opportunity for you. It’s almost as easy as going for a walk! Property management companies need people to maintain their retail, office and industrial properties litter-free. All you need to provide this service are inexpensive hand tools and your vehicle to get you around. You simply walk up to a piece of litter and sweep it into your collection bag. The work only takes the time to walk the sidewalks, parking lot and any surrounding landscape of a commercial property. You can seek part time employment or start your own profitable side business.

This work provides flexible hours as it needs to be performed before businesses open in the morning. Get your work done then spend the day as you please. There’s nothing like an early morning walk to stay in shape. Get paid to do it!

I have over 35 years experience in the parking lot litter removal business. I can show you how to make extra money performing an important service to the environment in your community. Check out my story.

Chris Farrell provides key insights as to why side businesses are becoming a key retirement issue. Check out his article. gig economy is largely associated with Uber and Lyft, the drive sharing services, Airbnb, renting out rooms in your home to visitors, and similar companies. You use your car, your home or your skills to make some money on the side. Read more…


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