This Old-School Marketing Technique Can Triple Your Responses |

Brian Winch | January 18, 2017


Direct mail marketing, regarded as old-school or junk mail by some people, is still paying off for many smart entrepreneurs. Direct mail can produce a better response rate than digital marketing techniques according to a recent report as well as the experience of many marketers.

When done correctly, the return on investment is impressive. The more tightly you specify your mailing list, the better your response rate. Rates can almost double when you use your “house list” of existing customers and opt-in recipients. That’s significantly superior to the response rates scored by all of the tracked digital methods, according to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2016 Response Rate Support.

What’s a good response rate to a direct mailing? People want a hard number such as 1%, 2% or 5%. A successful mailing is one that makes money. Last, but not least, a direct mail marketing campaign is a sustained effort over time. So mail often!

Check out the article written by Etelka Lehoczky. Using these strategies, you can turn “junk mail” into customers. your mailings to a specialist shop means you won’t need to study postal regulations, mailing-list composition, or what’s ominously called “list hygiene.” Direct mail must be sorted by ZIP code and route, and doing that “improperly might cost an additional two pennies per piece,” says Brian Johnson, owner of Mail Shark, a direct-mail services company. Read more…


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