You Don’t Need to be The Smartest to be The Most Successful – Research Shows

Brian Winch | July 11, 2016


Is self doubt preventing you from moving forward with life’s many opportunities? Perhaps you’ve been contemplating starting a small business but a little voice inside your head keeps giving you reasons why you won’t be successful. While some degree of doubt or skepticism is a good thing to possess, too much will stifle both personal and professional growth.

Being highly intelligent will open many doors but alone isn’t enough to become successful at most anything. Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. The world is full of educated derelicts.

How focused, determined and persistent are you? When you’ve been successful at anything that you wanted to accomplish in the past you’ve utilized these three traits. Simple examples would be learning how to ride a bike, swim or drive. Graduating high school, then maybe college. Developing special skills at work. Dating then perhaps getting married. Looking back now you realize if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to become successful.

Find or create a plan to reach your goal. Stay focused, step by step. Be determined to follow through when you run into a few inevitable bumps in the road. You need to be persistent and keep working towards your goal and you’ll be rewarded with success!

Here’s a great article written by Melissa Chu that I’d like to share with you. does it take to be successful? Is it a matter of being the “best and the brightest”? We hear this term thrown around so often today that it seems as though intelligence is the gatekeeper to opportunities. This idea that inborn smarts and talent are the great divider causes us to hold certain beliefs about our world. If we see someone performing better than ourselves, we’re quick to assume that the person must be smarter or naturally more talented. Read more…


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