Sales Tip: Stop Listing Features. Tell Your Customers the Benefits.

Brian Winch | September 12, 2016


Factual statements about a product or service (features) aren’t why customers buy. Benefits clearly identify the customers wants or needs. How do you know the difference between a feature or benefit? In this edited excerpt the authors of Guerilla Marketing in 30 Days explain how to identify the benefits, not the features, of your product or service to help you increase your sales. do you know if you’re touting a benefit or a feature? It’s actually easier than you think. Can you give an affirmative answer to the question “Will this one thing improve the life, cost, health or well-being of someone?” If the answer is yes, then you have a benefit that can be marketed to this someone who’s part of your target market. If the answer is no, chances are, you’ve identified a feature. You must now find the benefit associated with that feature. If there’s no benefit, forget about it. Read more…


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