Simple, Low Cost Self Employment Opportunity

Brian Winch | July 05, 2016


Are you looking for a way to make more money? Something that doesn’t require a lot of start up capital? A business opportunity that’s also simple to operate? One that can be started from home part time with the very real potential to build up to a full time business that generates a yearly six figure income?

Then consider starting a cleaning business. Office and house cleaning are most likely the first two types of cleaning businesses that come to mind. But there are other niche cleaning business opportunities that are very profitable that may not have as much competition. Ceiling cleaning, mattress cleaning, pressure washing and parking lot litter cleanup are a few more that are worthy of serious consideration.

There will always be a need for a cleaning service. Many smart entrepreneurs have recognized this and have seized the opportunity to fill the need. That’s how fortunes are made. Find a need and fill it.

Unlike many other types of businesses, you don’t need a high volume of customers. Most cleaning companies have contracts with their customers to provide their service on a regularly scheduled basis. Some contracts can be in place for a number of years, with a contractor/client relationship that lasts many more. I’ve developed several customer relationships that I still maintain after 35 years of being in the parking lot litter cleanup business. The key is to provide great customer service.

I started in 1981 trying to obtain customers for my office cleaning service. One of my first prospects told me he was satisfied with his office cleaners but had the need for someone to clean up litter on a daily basis outside his three retail properties. I jumped at the opportunity and quickly learned on the job how best to provide this service.

It’s almost as easy as a walk in the park! All you require for equipment are inexpensive hand tools and your vehicle to get you from one job site to the next. You simply walk each property and sweep up any litter material into your litter collection tool. You empty your tool into a waste dumpster on site. Service is performed after hours when the stores are closed, which makes this an ideal part time or side business.

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