Yes, You Do Have Time to Start a Business While Working

Brian Winch | February 15, 2017


We all live busy lives. If you’re going to start a business while working, you’ll need more than inspiration. You’ll need some practical advice about how to manage your time effectively.

When I started my business in 1981, I was working a full time job. I must admit I was fortunate to be working the hours of 2 – 10pm. I used my off time hours to start and grow my business. This was a time before cell phones and emails. So, if you’re working the typical 9 – 5 job today, you have the technical advantages that I didn’t have back in the day. Make use of your breaks at work and after hours to start and grow your business.

Write down what tasks you need to accomplish in priority order, then break down the work into smaller, manageable pieces. You’ll stay motivated to achieve your ultimate goal as you accomplish each task along the way. No one can do it all. Get expert help when you need it. You’ll be able to accomplish more than you can achieve by yourself.

Anyone who claims they don’t have time to pursue their dreams should read Sara Mauskopf’s story. While she was in the midst of launching her company, Winnie, she had both an infant at home and husband battling cancer. Check out her 5 basic tips to get you started. Here’s a great post by Jessica Stillman. time is short, perfectionism really isn’t an option. Focus on the stuff that matters, and let the rest of it slide a little. But Mauskopf cautions that can be easier said than done: “Perfectionism is a tough habit to break so you have to set time limits and force yourself to just put things out there even if they aren’t 100 percent perfect.” Read more…


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