Business Marketing Video

Business Marketing Video


CleanLots Business Marketing Video helps you promote and explain your business to clients.

Available For U.S. Residents Only.

This product is downloadable as a zip file.

Don’t forget to save your file to your computer, as you can only download it three times.

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CleanLots Business Marketing Video

We’ve prepared a marketing video to help you promote and explain your business to clients, friends and referral partners. The video demonstrates what you do, the areas you clean and the details of your offering.

What you get

Videos are simply the easiest way to communicate what you do, and the easiest way for your friends to refer you to others.

We supply a link to download the 90-second video in MP4 format. The file is about 15 Mb in size, so we suggest downloading it on a computer. It will be easier to manage.

The video is meant for use on your website, on your business directory listings (like the yellow pages) and your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

We’ve kept the video logo and watermark free, so you can use it as is, or you can add your logo if you know how to edit videos.

Here is a watermarked preview of the Business Marketing Video.