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Hard Copy


CLEANLOTS is an operations manual on how to start and run a parking lot litter cleaning business.
Available For U.S. Residents Only.

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Take advantage of my many years of experience in this business. Learn from my experience. Learn from my mistakes. More importantly, learn from my Success! Others have and so can you in what many are calling “Americas’ Most Simplest Business”.

In my illustrated, easy-to-follow manual, I reveal all of my secrets for starting and running a successful, money-making parking lot litter cleanup business.

What you get

My manual will guide you through every step of the process. No hype. No smoke. Just a solid, proven system that works. All the marketing, management and training tools you need. Discover how to:

  • Get started quickly, easily and with very little money.
  • Market your service and get all the clients you want fast and without expensive advertising.
  • Get others to do the work for you (part time) and enjoy unlimited income!
Included FREE with my manual are ready-to-use business
forms, letters and contract proposals you can copy and
use to get your business off and running immediately.