“Cleaning Up $100,000 A Year: So Simple Yet Lucrative”.
Home Business Magazine
“There’s a big market in the great outdoors”.
Small Business Opportunities Magazine
“Today Winch operates a successful business, and seeks to help out other entrepreneurs whenever possible”.
Entrepreneur Magazine Success Story
“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you. I could hit $100,000 this year. If I do badly I’ll make $50,000”.
Nelson Cabral
“I have wanted to open a business of my own for sometime and thought the only way to do this was to buy an expensive business package. You have created a successful business that required brains instead of big bucks. It might sound corny but it reaffirms my faith in our country and in our abilities”.
T. Holub
“Thank you for being straight-up with me about your business and the opportunity at hand”.
James Prochnow
“Your direct line to talk to you and ask questions has really been what has mattered to me the most. You have called me back personally or answered your phone and spent several conversations with me on the phone, and I really appreciate it. It has been the best side business for me, and I have grown it as big as I want it. I will probably retire from my regular job early and do this full time”.
Scott Wesson
“We had a goal of reaching $50,000 in the first year; we actually met and slightly exceeded that goal in only the first 7 months. We have you to thank for our success as we continue to grow this business! Again, thank you for your advice, the willingness to speak on the phone and your continued support. Buying your book was the best decision we could have ever made!”
Kelly Kansas
“Brian’s passion and expertise in the litter clean up business is second to none. He is a top-notch business minded professional focused on helping others achieve their goals and objectives through his straightforward and easy to ready operations manual (Cleanlots). It’s in large part due to Brian’s support that I can say that within the first 30 days of having the manual I was able to land my first client which translated into five lots! I highly recommend Brian and Cleanlots to anyone that is looking to launch a simple, low cost, and profitable business.”
Shaun C.


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