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“Brian turned his side-hustle into a $700,000 per year business and a 40 year career picking up litter on commercial properties. Now he’s helping others do the same”

Brian Winch is the founder of CleanLots and author of CleanLots America’s Simplest Business.


Brian is a champion for self-employment, side hustles, home-based businesses and financial independence. His own story started with his dad’s side hustle, becoming his side hustle, which subsequently evolved into a 40+ year career as an entrepreneur and author.


Brian’s story, as well as CleanLot’s, is both interesting and counter-intuitive. As a result, Brian is often featured in newspapers, magazine articles and podcasts.


CleanLots is a business that can work in any town or city that has commercial properties with parking lots.There is no need for a college education, advanced technical skills or a lot of money to get started. All it takes is a willingness to do the work, patience and persistence to succeed.


Brian is often featured in newspapers, magazine articles and podcasts where he shares the CleanLots story.


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