The Opportunity

Entrepreneur magazine says parking lot litter cleanup is “a simple, inexpensive and potentially lucrative business to get into, and the market is growing”.

There’s no need for power equipment such as a sweeper or vacuum truck as we aren’t sweeping up dirt, sand or gravel material. Parking lot litter cleanup is most often a daily service whereby litter is cleaned up from the entire property – the parking lot, sidewalks and landscape. Using just simple hand tools, you provide a more economical service that saves your customers money while providing for cleaner litter-free properties.

A walk in the park with Brian Winch a walk in the park – with purpose.

Entrepreneur magazine wrote this about parking lot litter cleanup “The biggest market is in shopping centers. About 70% of them contract out the cleaning of their parking lots. The next biggest source for jobs is industrial parks”.

Just think of all the potential cleaning contracts you have in your community. Take a drive. Look at all the commercial properties in your area. Shopping plazas, office buildings, warehouse sites. All are potential contracts. Most property managers don’t want to do the “dirty job” of cleaning up themselves. But you do, and they’ll pay you handsomely to do it. Month after month. Year after year.

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In my illustrated, easy-to-follow manual, I reveal all of my secrets for starting and running a successful, money-making parking lot litter cleanup business.

I’m investing my experience and time, making this the best opportunity you’ve ever seen. I’ll work with you, if you work with me. I don’t need “tire kickers” or people who make excuses for failure. I’m looking for people who are serious about making money…BIG MONEY. Fair enough? Then let’s get started!


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